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Mission Statement

The Soboba Tribal Environmental Department (STED) is committed to protecting, restoring, and enhancing natural resources on the Soboba Reservation for all tribal members past, present, and future.


What We Do

The Soboba Tribal Environmental Department (STED) works to raise awareness of all aspects of the environment. This includes solid waste issues, pollution prevention, water and air quality, conservation measures, household hazardous waste disposal, and many other areas. In addition to community outreach and education efforts such as participating in community events, the department also hosts an annual Tribal Earth Day event and community clean up days. We also conduct surface water quality testing on streams running through the reservation, collect and manage geographical data, and create programs to address environmental concerns.

An easy way to begin learning about the environment around you is to visit the United States Environmental Protection Agency website and use MyEnvironment



For information on how to enter call 951-654-5544 Ext: 4129

Water Quality Analysis

Have you ever found yourself on the reservation at Indian Creek wondering, "hmm, I wonder how my tribe's water quality has fared over the last 15 years?"

Wonder no more, our Soboba Tribal Environmental Department (STED) has done the work for you in compiling all the data from the beginning of our CWA 106 grant cycle starting in 2008. Below you will be able to view all the data averages from both Indian Creek (1st) and Ramona Hot Springs (2nd) in two dual-axis charts. the chart's X-axis shows the year, Left Y-axis shows the value of the bars, the Right Y-axis shows the values of the lines, and the legend shows the parameters being tested. If graphs aren't your thing, subsequent tables (3rd & 4th) can be found below as well as the target limits for existing parameters (5th). If you're curious, feel free to reach out to STED with any questions you might have in regards to testing and data or leave a comment on our contact-us page!